2018 Annual Giving Resources

Welcome  to annual giving ministries in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia – we are so glad you’re here!

This year The Diocese of Virginia is excited to provide our third set of resources that connects churches more deeply with one another, whether around the corner or across the Commonwealth.

Based on the post-communion prayer on pg. 365 of the Book of Common PrayerWalk in Love invites congregations to reflect on the many worlds of ministry at our churches and the urgency … the now … with which Jesus Christ calls us.

These ministries can be outside the church walls, where many consider the “world” to be. They can be calls inside the church walls to the world of the altar guild, the world of scripture study, or the world of liturgy. They can also be urgent calls to move with God more deeply into our own worlds of grief, parenting, elder care, or loneliness. Wherever members find themselves, this program meets them there and invites them deeper into their own worlds of ministry, and deeper into the generous people they already are.

Click Here for Spanish “Ahora al Mundo”

1. Program Overview
2. Table of Contents
3. Suggested Calendar
4. Logos
5. Stationery
6. Letters
7. Reflections
8. Bishops’ Videos and Questions
9. Pledge cards
10. E-giving Card
11. Prayers of the People
12. Blessing of the Pledge Cards
13. Book club recommendations
14. Stewardship with children
15. Evaluations
16. Year-end giving
17. Church Vitality Day Presentations
18. Wallet Card (print or load image to your phone)
19. St. Ignatius examen


Logo Specification Sheet

Logos are also available in EPS files. Because of the size of these files, please contact Stephanie Gurnsey Higgins for these.

English: Vertical
Spanish: Vertical
English: Horizontal
Spanish: Horizontal


  1. Congregation Introduction Letter
  2. Vestry Communication
  3. Pledge Letter Information
  4. Pledge Letter – New
  5. Pledge Letter – Static
  6. Pledge Letter – Proportional
  7. Pledge Letter – Mid-year
  8. Encouragement Note
  9. Acknowledgement Card
  10. Thank You Letter


Pledge Cards

Church Vitality Day Presentations