Youth Ministries

Shrine Mont Camp

The Diocese of Virginia’s summer camp program at Shrine Mont promotes the emotional and spiritual development of children, youth, and young adults through the fostering of a safe and positive environment for all. It is the goal of this program to encourage the growth of relationships with self, others, and God.

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Triangle of Hope

The Triangle of Hope is a covenantal community between the dioceses of Liverpool (England), Kumasi (Ghana), and Virginia dedicated to transforming the long history, ongoing effects, and continuing presence of slavery in our world through repentance, reconciliation, and mission. Participants in the youth pilgrimage prepare together through worship, prayer, study, and retreats, then travel as pilgrims to another diocese or host fellow pilgrims here in Virginia each summer for three summers.

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Episcopal Youth Event

The Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) is the second-largest event in The Episcopal Church after General Convention, bringing together nearly 1,500 young people ages 15-19 from each province in The Episcopal Church once every three years. Attendees participate as part of a delegation, which can be from a diocese or coordinated through a congregation, school, or other Episcopal organization.

EYE programs focus on helping young people develop leadership skills, spiritual practices, and early stages of vocational discernment. In addition to meeting and socializing with other Episcopalians from around the world, EYE participants spend time in worship, large-group presentations, small-group discussions, and workshops on a variety of topics.

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Parish Youth Ministries (PYM)

Parish Youth Ministries (PYM) is a committee of the Diocese of Virginia that is exclusively made up of 25-30 high school students from around the Diocese. This committee of diocesan youth enables young people to be full and active participants in the life of the Church. PYM organizes youth events and promotes youth involvement, in addition to providing support at Annual Convention meetings. PYM plans and leads Shrine Mont Weekends for Middle and High School age students each year. These events are an opportunity for students from around the Diocese to come together with their peers for a weekend at Shrine Mont. Contact the Rev. Canon Chanta Bhan, Canon for Discipleship, for more information.