Racial Justice and Healing

The sin of racism has infected our hearts as Americans and as a Church since the time of our founding. Dismantling racism for the sake of all people includes the hard work of naming our complicity in structures that disproportionately benefit white people. It also includes the holy and life-giving work of becoming anti-racist. We offer these resources to support congregations in this journey.

Ministry for Racial Justice and Healing

Vision:  Christians boldly speaking truth to power and working for a world free from the evils of white supremacy, racism, and colonialism.

Mission:  To actively engage the Diocese of Virginia in creating sustainable programs to dismantle racism, white supremacy, and the legacy of colonialism through education and advocacy with social, governmental, and ecclesiastical systems.

Ministry Team

Ms. Carolyn Lanier, St. Philip’s, Richmond, Chair

The Very Rev. Joseph H. Hensley, Jr., St. George’s, Fredericksburg

The  Rev. David Curtis, All Saints, Richmond

The Rev. Justin McIntosh, St. Paul’s, Ivy, Vice Chair

Dr. Mary Palmer Legare, St. Stephen’s, Heathsville

The Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill, Jr., Canon for Racial Justice and Healing

The Rev. Michael Guy, S.T.S

Dr. Christine Cameron, St. Anne’s, Reston

Mr. Jonathan Perry, Little Fork, Rixeyville

The Rev. Marlene Forrest, St. Philip’s, Richmond

Ms. Gwen Malone, St. Mary’s, Berryville

The Rev. Deacon Christine Garcia, St. Thomas’, Richmond 

The Rev. Barbara Marques, St. Francis, Manakin-Sabot

Dr. Jayne Osgood, Christ Church, Alexandria