The Stewardship webinar library is crafted to offer in-depth, inspiring guidance as well as grab-and-go-and-get-it-done Stewardship Starts.

Our curated resources are always richer when we are in conversation with you. Contact us to share what is helpful, what other conversations you’d enjoy, and especially where you see Jesus in your congregation and ministries! Also, be sure to connect with us on our Stewardship and Development Facebook page for up-to-date resources.

Stewardship Starts Mini-Webinars

Annual Giving

1. What Is Stewardship

2. About Our "One Together" Theme

3. The New Normal and "Holy Agility'

4. Begin With the Numbers

5. Program Overview

6. Your Calendar

7. Matching Gifts

8. Logos and Icons

9. Pledge Letters

10. Other Communications

11. Pledge Cards

12. Proportional Giving Charts

13. More Resources

Digital Giving

1. Why Digital Giving?

2. How Church Members Can Use Digital Giving

3. The Technical Aspects of Digital Giving

4. Digital Giving Platforms

5. Ensuring Your Success

Narrative Budgets

1. The Importance of Story

2. What Is a Narrative Budget?

3. Finding Stories Within Your Congregation

4. Great Communications & Narrative Budgets

5. Church Narrative Budgets and Things to Remember

Visual Budgets

1. Using Graphics for Congregational Storytelling

2. Diocesan Icons Used for Visual Storytelling

3. The Power of the Human Brain

4. What Is a Visual Budget?

5. Expressing Information Using Visual Cues

6. Visual Budgets in the Real World

7. Forming Emotional Connections Through Storytelling

8. How to Make These Ideas Your Own