Now Into the World

This year our proportional giving and living resources connects churches more deeply with one another, whether around the corner or across the Commonwealth.

These resources are based on the Collect for Purity, which begins “Almighty God, to you all hearts are open, all desires known, and from you no secrets are hid ….”

Many hear these sentences every Sunday but miss the call into worship and into relationship with God exactly because they are settling into their pews, finding they hymn page, and frankly because they do hear them at the beginning of every service. The words are lost to repetition. This annual giving ministry invites people deeply into this rich prayer and into how our hearts are open to God, to ourselves, and to others.

Click Here for Spanish “Corazones Abiertos Para Tí”

1. Program Overview
2. Table of Contents
3. Suggested Calendar
4. Logos
5. Stationery
6. Letters
7. Reflections
8. Bishop’s Video and Questions
9. Pledge card-Adult
9a. Pledge card-Children
9b. Proportional Giving Chart
10. Prayers of the People
11. Blessing of the pledge card
12. Forum Starter
13. Book Club
14. Including Children in Stewardship
15. Evaluation
15a. Pledge Analysis
16. Year-end giving 
17. Workshop Presentations


Logo Specifications

Horizontal Logos

Vertical Logos

Stewardship Letters

  1. Congregation Introduction Letters
  2. Vestry Communications
  3. Pledge Letter – Read this first!
    1. Pledge Letter – New
    2. Pledge Letter – Static
    3. Pledge Letter – Proportional
    4. Pledge Letter – Mid year
  4. Encouragement Note
  5. Acknowledgement Card
  6. Thank you letter 


Workshop Presentations