General Convention

General Convention is the triennial meeting of The Episcopal Church. The last General Convention took place in July 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. The next General Convention will meet in Louisville, Kentucky, June 21-28, 2024. Deputations consist of four lay and four clergy deputies, and up to four alternate deputies in each order. Learn more about what happens at General Convention.

Diocese of Virginia Deputation 2024

Deputation Chair – Lillian Hardaway


C-1      The Rev. Daniel Veléz-Rivera, St. Gabriel’s/San Gabriel, Leesburg

C-2      The Rev. Amanda Kotval, St. Paul’s, Ivy

C-3      The Rev. Dr. Hilary B. Smith, Holy Comforter, Richmond

C-4      The Rev. Sven L. vanBaars, Abingdon, White Marsh

Clergy Alternates

C-5/CA-1        The Rev. Will Dickinson, St. George’s, Fredericksburg

C-6/CA2         The Rev. Kathleen Murray, Emmanuel, Woodstock, and St. Andrew’s, Mount Jackson

C-7/CA3         The Rev. Andrew Moore, St. John’s, McLean

C-8/CA4         The Rev. Herbert Jones, St. Thomas’, Richmond


L-1        Ms. Lillian Hardaway, St. Paul’s, Alexandria

L-2        Ms. Margaret (Mickie) Jones, St. Mark’s, Richmond

L-3        Mr. Russell Randle, St. Mary’s, Arlington

L-4        Ms. Cindi Bartol, Christ Church, Alexandria

Lay Alternate

L5/LA1            Ms. Karen Franklin, St. Mark’s, Richmond


Deputies can be contacted by email at The deputies welcome your comments.

Activity at General Convention may be followed on the Episcopal News Service.  A wealth of information about General Convention is available at