Open Lay and Staff Positions

Please be sure to save the job description of any position you apply to, as it will be removed after the close date. (The URL will remain active but will no longer be searchable.) 

Positions will be listed for 30 days unless indicated otherwise.

If you would like to list a lay position, please send a .doc or PDF to Gloria Parham on your parish’s letterhead including descriptions of the position, the community, and info on how to apply.

Eligibility for posting: Any position at a parish, school, or related organization part of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia can be (and likely should be) posted on this webpage. We can post positions for neighboring Episcopal dioceses, so long as the parish or organization is within about 30 minutes of the diocesan border. We can post ecumenical positions within or close to the Diocese of Virginia’s boundaries, but we don’t post positions from other denominations. Those posting or seeking positions might consider using some of the job boards below.

Other Jobs Boards: