Disaster Preparedness and Response

The Disaster Preparedness and Response ministry team supports the congregations and organizations in the Diocese of Virginia to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any disaster that is a result of nature, industry, technology, or intention. For more information, contact the Rev. Pete Gustin or the Rev. Deacon Dan Wilmoth, co-chairs of the Disaster Preparedness and Response ministry team.


Creating a simple and effective emergency response plan is essential for congregational wellness. Guidance and tools for making a response plan for your church include:


In the event of a disaster, affected congregations and regions will be supported by the Bishop’s Office. Depending on the situation, the Disaster Preparedness and Response ministry team, Episcopal Relief and Development, and others may become involved.


Individuals and congregations interested in disaster relief volunteer work can join the work of various national, state, and local organizations.




local American Red Cross chapters