Digital Giving

Studies from online providers and those that look at trends in digital giving have learned that donors who give electronically, especially when they make recurring gifts, give more than those that using checks or cash. Our resources will help you develop a plan to establish digital giving for your church if you haven’t done so already, help encourage recurring giving among your parishioners, and enhance the messaging you use to optimize your digital giving.


Our ‘Digital Giving Now!’ Webinar

1. Webinar Slides
2. List of Digital Giving Platforms
3. Provider Assessment Chart (Horizons Stewardship)
4. Gratitude Plan
5. Recurring Giving Plan


Digital Giving ‘Stewardship Starts’

Topic-specific segments from the above full webinar  
1. Why Digital Giving  
2. How Church Members Can Use Digital Giving  
3. The Technical Aspects of Digital Giving  
4. Programs & Platforms  
5. Ensuring Your Success