2022 Annual Giving Resources

There is much transition in our lives as we welcome a new Bishop Diocesan-elect and continue to live with the coronavirus pandemic. In many ways, we’ve been living in transition for years, as church demographics shift, clergy retirements and transition accelerate, and our communities continue to deal with overall change.

Since the pandemic began our lives have changed and our annual giving program for the fall will reflect this as well. Be sure to read the Program Overview and follow the Stewardship and Development Facebook page for more updates, resources, and best practices throughout the season.

We hear these words, Do Not Be Afraid, in scripture so often because we need to hear it when change is upon us. These past few years have brought substantial change we could not have foreseen, and some for which we thought we were prepared. This year our annual giving campaign will reflect the transformation and encouragement of the many voices who come as messengers in our lives and remind us that God’s love is greater than the fear we may feel.

We also hear these words in the blessing that Bishop Goff uses at Holy Eucharist:




This blessing resonates with the theme so well in many ways and we’re grateful that Bishop Goff allowed us to use her artwork as the basis of this year’s logo!

While this annual giving program does not continue the foundation laid by previous programs in their use of visual storytelling, we encourage you to use the icons, etc, as they work best for you. If you’d like to continue to use them in the themes you’ve used them before – you absolutely may do so. Of if you’d like to change – or even begin using them this year for the first time! – you can do that, too. They are yours to use as you desire within your own context.

There is a wealth of information and help available for leaders to use from previous years, including webinars to help build your skills and the other liturgical cycles, and we encourage you to use best practices while continuing to utilize what works within your context and strengthening your skills. If you have great ideas to share, please bring them to the Stewardship and Development Facebook page so other congregations can learn from you!


    1. Program Overview
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Logo Examples
    4. Icons (in Dropbox)
    5. Letters to Congregation
      1. Read first
      2. 2022 Sample Letter
    6. Pledge card – annual
    7. e-giving Card
    8. Prayers of the People
    9. Blessing of the Pledge Cards
    10. Evergreen Stewardship Resources