2016 Annual Giving Resources

“Walk in Love” is an annual giving program offered by the Diocese of Virginia Stewardship Committee that focuses on proportional giving and highlights ministries across our Diocese. This year we are excited to provide our first comprehensive set of resources composed to connect individuals more closely to congregations – and to connect congregations more deeply to one one another, whether around the corner or on the other side of the Commonwealth.
Features include:
+  A video from Bishop Shannon offering his own story of proportional giving, which may surprise you! Use this video to begin a Sunday forum, to highlight your fall campaign on your website, or to inspire stories of generosity within your church.
+  Gospel reflections written by Episcopalians from across the Diocese of Virginia for each Sunday during your fall campaign.
+  Resources for children and stewardship.
+  Sample calendars, logos, pledge letters, encouragement letters, thank you notes, and much, much more!

Because we come to the Table and are fed through Jesus Christ, we are able to go out into the world and do the work God calls us to do. The Diocese of Virginia Stewardship Committee is excited to share our “Walk in Love” program, and we are excited to hear how your church walks in the love of Jesus Christ this year! Share your stories with us by calling, e-mailing, or inviting us to visit. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fall Annual Giving Program

Anden en Amor (Fall Annual Giving en Español)

  1. Program Overview
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Suggested Calendar
  4. Walk in Love logos
  5. Stationery
  6. Reflections
  7. Letters
  8. Bishop Shannon Proportional Giving Video
  9. Video Questions for Conversation
  10. Walk in Love pledge card
  11. Proportional Giving Chart
  12. Prayers of the People
  13. Blessing of pledge cards
  14. Book club
  15. Stewardship with Children
  16. Children’s pledge card
  17. Evaluation
  18. Pledge analysis
  19. Your Church and Year-End Giving
  20. Walk In Love Poster Request Form
  21. Walk In Love Video Request Form

Workshop Presentations

  • Social Media Strategies for Your Annual Giving Campaign:Give new life to your annual giving campaign by connecting your message through a variety of social media channels. We’ll look at demographics of social media platforms, easy ways to interact online and how to build an editorial calendar. 
  1. Social Media 101
  2. Social Media 202
  3. Getting Started with Instagram
  • Start the StoryPeople give to organization because they are connected. They believe in the mission, they trust the leadership, and they know their money will be stewarded well. But how do we effectively tell the stories of our churches and ministries in a way that is clear and compelling? People no long give to churches because that’s just what you do – they give because their money has impact. Come to learn how to communicate that impact and – in the process – impact the overall vibrancy of your church.
    1. Narrative Budget Presentation
    2. Church of Our Saviour Narrative Budget 2013
    3. St. Stephen’s, Culpeper, Narrative Budget
    4. St. Christopher’s, Springfield, Narrative Budget 2015
    5. St. Christopher’s, Springfield, Annual Giving Brochure 2013
    6. St. Christopher’s, Springfield, Brochure 2014
    7. Template without text
    8. Template with text
  • Planning Planned Giving:A robust planned giving ministry empowers churches for their mission and ministry. In spring 2016, the Diocese of Virginia is launching a planned gifts ministry to help each church establish a vibrant, active and successful planned giving program. In cooperation with Episcopal Church Foundation, this program will assist you in education, planning, resources, and gift administration. Come and discover new resources!
    1. Planned Giving Presentation
    2. Planned Giving Brochure
    3. Planned Giving Wills Brochure
  • Let the Conversation Begin! How to Talk about Proportional Giving:“A checkbook is a theological document; it will tell who and what you worship.” (Billy Graham) The church is not just another non-profit. The church – and God! – are where generosity begins, because the church is where we are called to return to God a portion of what God has given us. Come to discuss how to begin the proportional giving conversation, and then how to keep the conversation going.
    1. Proportional Giving Presentation
    2. Proportional Giving Handout


Annual Giving Letter Examples


Reflections Booklet