Reviving Grace

Apr 27, 2023 | Stories from the Diocese

For 50 years now, Ranny and Champe Corbin have been faithfully caring for the vacant Grace Episcopal Church and its graveyard. The small church, which was built in the 1830s just a few miles from Fredericksburg, hadn’t seen a worship service since 1941.

Now, 80 years since that last service, Grace has been restored and will be available for use again. The Corbins recently raised the funds, including a grant from the Diocese, and arranged for the restoration of the building.

Ranny, a parishioner at St. George’s, Fredericksburg, and the Rev. Joe Hensley, rector of St. George’s, have dreamed of many possibilities for this recovered gem, including worship services, retreats, mission and outreach ministries, weddings, and community gatherings.

Below are inspiring before and after photos of the renovation of Grace Church.