‘An Amazing Gift for Hospitality’

Jul 21, 2021 | Stories from the Diocese

Why start small when you can dream big? The people of Emmanuel Greenwood debuted their first Books and Brunch in the Blue Ridge with a big opening act. With his newest book “Come In, Come In!” hot off the press, bestselling author and Episcopal formation leader Roger Hutchison headlined the event with a live reading and book signing. The gathering welcomed 100 people from the community to enjoy a book sale, a non-traditional brunch and outdoor fun for kids. The book sale was hosted by Bluebird Bookstop, a mobile bookstore housed in a charming vintage camper. The event also featured books by several homegrown authors and illustrators of Emmanuel Church including Helen Williamson, Catriona Erler, Kat Connell and Linda Marchman.

There was just one snafu. Before brunch could be served, the main food truck’s exhaust fan hit a low branch and they couldn’t cook. Suddenly “brunch” consisted of cake and coffee. Thankfully, Emmanuel parishioners jumped into action making a quick grocery store run, grilling a bunch of hot dogs, and serving it up with chips and fixins. It was a morning-of hot dog miracle!

Their hard work was worth the while to see so many children and families from the community smiling and playing on the church lawn. As Roger Hutchison observed to Rector John Thomas, “You all have an amazing gift for hospitality.”

Mission accomplished.