Church Schools in the Diocese of Virginia, Inc.

Church Schools in The Diocese of Virginia, Inc. was created by the Council of the Diocese of Virginia in 1919 to “own and operate a system of schools.” It is the educational arm of The Diocese of Virginia.

This Diocesan Corporation, overseen by an elected board of trustees, owns and operates six Episcopal college preparatory schools in five cities and towns in Virginia. Each school has an appointed board of governors to which significant authority is delegated. The president of Church Schools, the chief executive officer of the Corporation, is a trustee of Church Schools and a member of each governing board.

Church Schools in The Diocese of Virginia, Inc. is one of the largest Episcopal Church institutions in the United States. Church Schools serve almost 4,000 students, employ 900 persons, hold property and endowments approaching $400 million, and have annual operating budgets that exceed $130 million.

The schools are both coeducational and single-sex. Some are exclusively day schools, some predominantly boarding, and some predominantly day with boarding departments. All share a common mission to help form young adults of personal integrity, with a commitment to serve others and engage the deep mysteries of this life and the next.

Episcopal Schools are pluralistic and see themselves not just as communities for Christians, like a parish church, but as ecumenical and diverse ministries of educational and human formation for people of all faiths. The ethos of the schools is unashamedly Christian and Anglican, while the mission is to recognize and serve all human beings as children of God. Episcopal schools have the unique opportunity to work with a wide variety of souls and to prepare them for lives of meaning, joy, and service.

Officers of the Corporation

President: Henry Broaddus
Treasurer: Jack H. Broadway Jr.
Director of Administration and Accounting: Lea McCormick

8727 River Road
Richmond, VA 23229