Bloomfield Foundation


In the 1920s the Episcopal Church recognized the need for a facility that cared for children with disabilities. Created and sponsored by the church, Bloomfield was known at different times as “All Saints’ Home,” “St. Anne’s Preventorium,” “Bloomfield School” and now “Bloomfield Foundation.”

Over the course of nearly 100 years, Bloomfield has successfully implemented necessary changes to accommodate the needs of its missions. When the State stopped funding institutions for disabled children, Bloomfield could no longer provide a home for its residents.

A decision was made to sell its real estate and invest the proceeds with the Diocesan Missionary Society. Interest from such loan, along with donations made by church outreach programs, individuals and secular institutions, enable a new mission that offers grants to meet the needs of disabled children and young adults.

The board maintains a continuous concern for the welfare of its past residents who, having attained the age of 18 and beyond, must face a state requirement for placement in nursing homes when too severely disabled to live without nursing care.

As Bloomfield Foundation has no salaried employees, all operational responsibilities are administered by its volunteer trustees.

Only two percent of annual income is allocated for expenses such as postage, printing and audit, with 98 percent directly benefiting those in need of assistance.

Guidelines for Grant Requests

Bloomfield’s mission is to provide grants that assist physically disabled children and young adults with the unique demands of their daily lives. Additional grants provide attendance at various camps programmed for these individuals.

Bloomfield cherishes its identity as a Christian ministry and its board members are representative of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, Southern Virginia and Southwest Virginia. Grant requests, submitted three times yearly, receive consideration based on need and amount requested. Grants will not be made for services or equipment that can be funded by other means.

Annual grant approvals are made subsequent to requests received by April 1, August 1 or December 1.


Recipients are previous Bloomfield residents and other children and young adults with physical handicaps requiring assistance for projects, equipment or special services not available through governmental programs to meet their particular needs.

Geographic Area

Grants are not limited to the Commonwealth of Virginia. However, preference is given to support projects and individual requests within the geographic area from which Bloomfield receives its financial support.

To Apply

Download the application and return it to: The Bloomfield Foundation, PO Box 2, Ivy, VA 22945


If you would like to donate to support Bloomfield’s mission, please send your tax-deductible donation to:

Mrs. Henry (Ursula) Baxley
4406 Winchester Road
Marshall, Virginia 20115

Bloomfield is a Non-Profit 509 (a)(3) Foundation.

More Information

For information regarding the Foundation’s operations or its history please contact

Mrs. Frederick Kohler, 540-687-6316
P.O. Box 445
Middleburg, VA 20118