Truth and Reparations Task Force

In 2022, 16 diverse people were appointed to the Truth and Reparations Task Force of the Diocese of Virginia. Two additional Task Force members – one from the Standing Committee and one from the Executive Board – were additionally appointed.

To learn more, read the R-10a FAQs. For more information about the Task Force on Reparations, contact the Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill, Jr., Canon for Racial Justice and Healing.

Task Force Members

Jeanette R. Cadwallender
St. George’s, Fredericksburg

The Rev. Benjamin P. Campbell
St. Paul’s, Richmond

Dennis Carter-Chand
St. Mary’s, Arlington

Ernestine Gilpin
St. Philip’s, Richmond

Jabriel Hasan, Co-Chair
St. Peter’s, Richmond

Malanna Henderson
St. George’s, Fredericksburg

Davette Himes
All Saints Sharon Chapel, Alexandria

Thomas W. Howard
St. Paul’s, Millers Tavern

Wendy Ikesawa
St. Michael’s, Arlington

Laura Lafayette
Christ Church, Glen Allen

Alex Peterson
Holy Cross, Dunn Loring

The Rev. Colleen Schiefelbein, Co-Chair
St. Martin de Porres, Alexandria

Kristin Szakos
Trinity, Charlottesville

Donna Tildon-Archer, M.D.
St. Alban’s, Annandale

Alda White
Trinity, Fredericksburg
Executive Board Representative

Tom Baker
St. James’s, Richmond
Standing Committee Representative