Desks by Dads at St. Peter’s, Arlington

Jan 27, 2021 | Stories from the Diocese

Virtual learning amid the pandemic has put some students at a disadvantage, as not every family can afford the supplies to do school from home. When two dads from St. Peter’s, Arlington, saw a news story about Desks by Dads, they said, “Think we can make 100 desks?” “Let’s get started.”

In 10 days, beginning the weekend after Thanksgiving, dozens of St. Peter’s members decided on a design, acquired the lumber (with help from a local company) and built over 100 desks, all while remaining socially distanced, outside of St. Peter’s (thank goodness for good weather). In the meantime, another group of volunteers from St. Peter’s worked with the local county schools on a distribution system, and organized members of the parish to deliver desks to students in need.

Working together, apart:

The production line, from bench saws to staple guns.

The Rev. Dan Spors assembles a “Desk by Dads.”

The sanding team in front of the church doors.

Ready for delivery.

Final quality check.