Bienvenidos Vecinos / Welcome Neighbors

Oct 5, 2023 | Stories from the Diocese

Come any Sunday morning to Holy Comforter, Richmond, and you will hear parts of the service spoken in Spanish. On the third Sunday of each month, Holy Comforter offers a fully bilingual service in Spanish and English. Located in an area with a large Latino population, the church decided to launch services in Spanish in 2022.

While Latino congregations of the Diocese have been thriving for decades in Northern Virginia, the new ministry at Holy Comforter is something of a first for our Richmond area churches.

In the last year, the church has celebrated one wedding and two baptisms in Spanish. The people of Holy Comforter have also begun providing pastoral care in Spanish, and have helped one family from Peru with their immigration process. Holy Comforter’ parishioners are eager to see how the Spirit continues to guide their ministry with their Spanish-speaking neighbors.