Trustees of the Funds

The Trustees of the Funds is a related organization of the Diocese of Virginia with a heritage dating back to 1754. “ToTF” provides services to Episcopal Church entities within Virginia.

An elected board of trustees oversees ToTF. These trustees, all of whom are active Episcopalians, are selected for their expertise in investments, law or business. They oversee a professional team of advisors and portfolio managers to ensure that funds are invested appropriately for the best long-term results for Participants. ToTF serves approximately 120 churches and organizations and manages approximately $130 million in assets. As our accounts grow our operating costs are spread over a larger asset base and all Participants (including the Diocese of Virginia) benefit. The more successful ToTF is in its work, the more funds are available for mission and ministry throughout Virginia and the world.

ToTF offers three investment funds that allow participants to invest their cash based on their organization’s plans, needs and risk tolerance. The three funds are: Balanced Fund, Short-Term Fund, and All-Equity Fund. Click to visit the new ToTF website.

You may contact ToTF by mail. phone, or email:

110 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23220


Officers of the Corporation

Executive Director:

Lynn Ivey


Foster Billingsley