Virginia Diocesan Homes

Virginia Diocesan HomesVirginia Diocesan Homes (VDH) is a nonprofit affiliate of the Diocese of Virginia. Our vision is for the Diocese of Virginia and its parishes to use its property and assets to their fullest potential to serve God and our communities. We do that by maximizing mission opportunities with diocesan property including nurturing home environments.

Please visit the Virginia Diocesan Homes Summit website for national examples of churches who are using their property in service to the community and for the presentations made at the Summit.

VDH has funds available for small loans and grants to congregations pursuing mission uses of their property. Please contact us at for more information.

How Houses of Worship Can Faithfully Respond to the Housing Crisis

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, Virginia Diocesan Homes sponsored a virtual forum on how congregations can respond faithfully to the housing crisis. This Zoom link provides a full recording of the forum. Passcode: .C0M2Bv0

Forum sessions included:

For more information about VDH and the resources it can offer congregations exploring expanding mission uses of its property, please email us at:

Affordable Housing Webinar Series

Affordable Housing is a hot topic in many communities today, but how many of us know the details behind the topic? 

To equip everyone with the background they need to understand and evaluate the many plans being discussed across Virginia, Saint George’s, Arlington, and the Virginia Diocesan Homes presented a seven-week online educational series. Recordings from the series are available here. 

Sessions focused on: 

  • Why affordable housing is a social justice issue
  • Racial disparities and housing
  • Immigrant and refugee housing challenges
  • Housing needs of seniors and people with disabilities
  • What the government is doing to address the crisis
  • What advocacy can do
  • What faith communities can do

Each session has a separate PowerPoint deck and 60-minute Zoom recording that can be used for personal reflection or congregational programs. 

Housing Historically Connected to the Diocese of Virginia

Several communities have been created with the support of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia. These consist of six life plan senior communities, two low-cost subsidized independent living facilities, and two affordable multifamily properties.

Board of Trustees

Art Bowen Grace, Goochland
J.P. Causey, Jr. St. John’s, West Point
The Rev. Kathleen Chipps St. Andrew’s, Burke
Janet Hansen St. Michael’s, Arlington
John Horn St. Aidan’s, Alexandria
Nina Janopaul, President St. George’s, Arlington
Laura Lafayette Christ Church, Glen Allen
Carolyn Lanier St. Philip’s, Richmond
Bruce LeLacheur Grace, The Plains
Katharine Panfil Saint George’s, Arlington
The Rev. Will Peyton St. Paul’s Memorial, Charlottesville
Helen Plaisance Trinity, Charlottesville
Lee Quill Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria
Jim Taylor All Saints Sharon Chapel, Alexandria
Kathleen Turner Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria


Advisor Network

VDH has recruited several attorneys, non-profit real estate developers, and consultants who are experienced in working with faith communities. Many are willing to provide pro bono assistance to churches exploring new uses of their property, including possibly a feasibility analysis. Contact VDH at for a directory and fact sheets on these advisors.

How do I learn more?

Please call Wendy Filler, Administrator, at 540-383-8380 or email if you would like to learn more about VDH or seek resources to support congregations considering new mission uses of their properties.