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Bishop Stevenson Announces Appointment of Diocesan Registrar and Historiographer

Jan 15, 2024 | News Releases

Bishop E. Mark Stevenson has announced the appointment of Nathan Madison as Registrar and Historiographer of the Diocese of Virginia.

“Serving as Registrar and Historiographer of a Diocese that is more than 235 years old is no small feat,” said Bishop Stevenson. “Nathan’s wealth of experience in a wide range of organizations and his skills in managing and maintaining archives as vast as ours will serve him, and all of us, well in this endeavor. Virginia is fortunate to have him as a partner in ministry.”

Nathan has previously worked as a Historical Researcher for the American Civil War Museum at Historic Tredegar and, prior to that, as an Archival Digitization Specialist for Ancestry.com.

He has served as a consultant for many documentaries, including productions on AMC and BBC. He co-produced the 2018 PBS documentary “How the Welsh Changed The World: A Tale of Two Tredegars.”

“The history of the Diocese itself — its origins, its growth, its organization, the role it plays in its parishoners’ lives — is infinitely fascinating,” said Nathan. “It also touches on so many other topics, such as social, cultural, and national history, that amalgamate together to create a single, captivating tapestry.”

“Knowing that I am serving to preserve, research, and disseminate such a history is truly a blessing,” added Nathan. “Being able to do so for an institution that affects so many lives, so deeply, only adds to that feeling for me.”

Nathan is the author of several books, including Richmond Locomotive and Machine Works – Engine of the Old Dominion, and Tredegar Iron Works – Richmond’s Foundry on the James. He is also a contributor to several academic collections covering literary history, including The Routledge Companion to British and North American Literary Magazines (2022) and Comics Through Time – A History of Icons, Idols, and Ideas.

Nathan begins his ministry in the Diocese on January 22. He will be based at the diocesan offices in Richmond.