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Christ Church Commemorates 250th Anniversary with Presiding Bishop Curry

Mar 3, 2023 | News Releases

Photo: Staff of Christ Church with Presiding Bishop Curry.
Credit: Shannon Finney

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry joined the people of Christ Church, Alexandria this past Sunday to commemorate the church’s 250th anniversary. He opened his sermon by giving thanks to the congregation, saying, “I thank you for your continued witness to Jesus of Nazareth and his way of love. Thank you for your ways of service, your ways of kindness, justice, compassion, and human decency. I pray God’s blessing on you for the years that are yet to come, and the times before us, and yet not even born.” (watch sermon)

Christ Church will host a year-long commemoration of its history and future. Among the events will be a series of parish-wide conversations about the full depth and breadth of its 250-year history. This series will also include community conversations. The goal is to empower Christ Church to build upon its witness by becoming an even more open, welcoming, and Christ-centered parish; to learn from its past in order to be stronger and more loving in the generations to come.

Photo: The Most Rev. Michael Curry preaches at the 250th Anniversary of Christ Church. Credit: Shannon Finney

Bishop E. Mark Stevenson will preach at Christ Church on April 30. The church will also welcome a series of monthly guest preachers including, Dr. Catherine Meeks, Bishop Eugene Sutton, and Bishop Gene Robinson.

Former clergy of the church will be the honored guests at Choir and orchestra concert on May 7. Other events include an anniversary gala, history lectures, concerts, and visits from Christ Church mission partners from across the globe. To see the full schedule of events, click here.

Photo: The Most Rev. Michael Curry and the Rev. Noelle York-Simmons, Rector, at the 250th Anniversary of Christ Church. Credit: Shannon Finney